Most people have lost sight of the power of fantasy

The funny thing about our hyper charge and hyper politicized time and age is the fact that there’s almost no space for fantasy. Every cultural product, every expression, every tweet on Twitter regarding any kind of cultural commodity is sliced and diced with the perspective that this somehow, someway, relates back to politics.

It seems that we can’t get rid of politics. It’s like some sort of toxin that is flowing through the cultural blood stream of the US and Western Europe on a 24/7 basis. It’s as if everything has to be some sort of judgment regarding any hot pressing social and cultural issue of the day.

And the problem is we don’t give ourselves and opportunity to rest. We don’t know how to call it a day. We don’t know how to put in a good fight in the political arena, step back and just relax for the rest of the time. Instead, everything has to be some sort of judgment regarding political decisions. Everything has to be some sort of evidence regarding some sort of cultural domination, oppression and resistance.

I don’t know about you, but this is getting old. If you watch any kind of political show or if you watch any kind of segment on the internet regarding cultural criticism, it always goes back to power relations and cultural relativism, multi cultural issues and the interplay of the many different political groups in our society.
There is such a thing as fantasy. Unfortunately, when people fantasize, it’s not always pretty. There’s always a possibility that there will be ingroup and outgroup dynamics. Let me tell you, even those who claim to be victims of history in the greater culture also engage in this.

When you look at the fantasy novels and folklore from many different groups, they engage in the same thing. Why is it that fantasy, when practiced by certain favored groups are perfectly okay but when somebody else engages in such fantasy, they’re somehow, someway a bigot. At the very least, they are insensitive.

This is the reason why we have lost sight of fantasy. Political correctness has completely eviscerated the power of fantasy. It’s like everybody’s walking on egg shells. Even the cable classic, Game of Thrones, is not immune to this. A lot of people are saying it’s too white or too Western European.

If a fantasy is set in a certain place and it’s written by a certain person, are they obligated to come up with some sort of global, multicultural fantasy? Can’t they have their own and other people have theirs? These are weighty questions and depending on how you approach it, you might even open yourself up to being labeled a bigot, racist or a homophobe.

It really is quite sad and unfortunately, it’s also quiet tiring.

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