Learn the power of imagination

The great thing about fantasy movies is that they really allow us to take a deep breath, take a step back and allow our imaginations to take over. You may be thinking to yourself, “Doesn’t this always happen with movies?”

You’d be surprised as to how didactic movies have become. In fact, ever since the 1990’s, it’s really gotten quite difficult to tell whether you’re watching a movie or witnessing some sort of reenacted sermon. I’m not talking about the kinds of sermons you hear at church. I’m talking about something worse and banal. I’m talking about political sermons.

When you watch any kind of cultural product, there’s always an agenda regarding what proper roles should be, how power should be distributed and how identity should be formed. This has always been the recurring mantra and that’s why people’s power of imagination has essentially been w. It’s been compromised in the service of something supposedly higher, which is of course, some sort of political agenda.

It gets really tiresome. Especially if you are a very sensitive person. If you know what to look for, you can see programing all around. Depending on your politics, you might even be tempted to say that cultural products have always been programming us. But in the past, the programming has come from the right. You know, Ozzie and Harriet, Leave it to Beaver, The Brady Bunch.

When you deconstruct all those cultural products and line them up with the political and cultural struggles happening when they were released, you are treated to programming and mass brainwashing. A lot of people on the left would say that the pendulum has swung their way so now it’s their turn.

This really is pointless, so I would suggest that when you watch fantasy movies, actively discount the political message. Train yourself to be completely desensitized to it. It takes some doing, but it can be done. Allow yourself to be numb to the philosophical enrichment of such material.

Instead, focus on your imagination. Focus on allowing yourself to be transported to a different place. Allow yourself to truly believe the premise of the movie. This really is your lifeline to any semblance of traditional entertainment and enjoying such entertainment.

Otherwise, you’re going to get rocked back and forth by the same empty debate. It’s like tilting at windmills. It gets old really quickly, but the problem is it seems that the agenda is more important than movies doing their job. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty simplistic when it comes to cultural expressions.

I truly believe that movies, TV shows, songs and other forms of cultural production should entertain and nothing more and nothing less. Call me old fashioned or traditional, but at least I know where I stand and it really boils down to exercising the power of imagination. Discount the agenda, focus on your imagination and you will have a good time.

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