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This website, as slick and as well produced it may appear to the naked eye, is a work in progress. We readily admit to this. We are guilty as charged. Just like any other website that is a work in progress, there are sure to be things that get knocked loose.

As you can tell, this website gets a lot of traffic. It gets traffic from all four corners of the globe and sure enough somehow, someway, things don’t line up. This is just a fact of life. While we a are using a very robust and powerful content management system, we really can’t automatically assume that all content management issues will be taken care of by word press to such a degree that we really have nothing to worry about. How we wish that were the case. How we wish that we only need to choose the right kind of magical software and somehow, someway, all possible problems disappear.

As you can probably already tell by that statement, that’s just not going to happen. Life doesn’t work that way. I hope you understand where we’re coming from. While we do appreciate that you check out our website and you have clicked on page after page, please understand that sometimes, your experience may not be all that smooth.

We’re not saying this to cover our assets or to give ourselves an out. Please don’t misunderstand this. This, by no means, should be interpreted as some sort of preemptive cop out. Instead, we’re just laying it out the way it is. We’re just keeping it 100 as they say in the US. We’re just keeping it 100% honest, authentic and sincere.

We don’t want to set up any unrealistic expectations. However, if you do come across any rough spots or pages that don’t load quite right, do let us know. Fill out the comment form below and reach out to us. We can reassure you that we do have staff members and they will get to the bottom of the problem.

Does this mean they will trip over themselves getting to the issue and resolving it 100% instantly? Of course not. After all, we do have pre-existing obligations. We have duties to attend to. We are, after all, a fairly large organization. Still, despite all of that, please understand that we will get to your problem.

Usually, we have some sort of tally system when it comes to site issues. If you notice that the same site problem tends to get reported over and over again, that issues rises to the top of our priority list. So once we have time available, you can bet that the issues that most people using this website encounter again and again will get our maximum attention.

Thank you for your patience, and most importantly, thank you for visiting. Also, if you have any kind of feedbacks, suggestions, comments or any other contribution, don’t be shy. Again, fill out the form below and let us know. Maybe you have certain ideas on how we can improve the content on this website. Maybe you have interesting criticism or reviews regarding the movie that this website is based on. Please share. We would love to hear what you have in mind. We would love to hear your perspective because we believe in a robust community built around our content.

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