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This website is dedicated to the movie The Horse on the Balcony. It is originally in German and this movie really is an eye opener. It won’t blow your mind the way you think. Usually, when Americans or any other serious movie going crowd looks at any kind of cinematic product, they expect something profound, deep and cinematic commodities that somehow, someway speak to our inner angels and appeals to the disconnect between who we think we are and how we really behave.

In other words, the tug of post modernism is very strong. You can see this play out in all sorts of movies. In particular, a lot of this is really big when it comes to kid’s shows. I know that sounds crazy because kids should be off limits. Regardless of your politics, cultural orientation, how you think society should stack up in terms of power relations and other weighty issues, kids should be off limits.

Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. The battle ground has shifted to what would have otherwise been a safe, a Neste sized and antiseptic cultural terrain of kid’s movies. When you watch movies like Frozen and you compare them with daspferdaufdembalkon, it’s like you’re watching two films from two totally different cultural, historical and political eras.

Frozen, after all, is filled with tongue and cheek, cynical, sarcastic references to modern living, modern identities and modern conflicts. It’s a very deep movie. A lot of people are fairly shallow and they just focus on the songs, but when you look at the story line and the assumptions behind the story line, you can’t help but stand back and get your mind blown because a lot of Disney stock and trade is actually on trial in that movie.

They’re basically saying that a lot of the old roles, assumptions, old ways of thinking regarding who we are as a culture and where we’re going are wrong. This is revolutionary stuff. Frozen is actually one of the most eye opening and ground breaking movies as far as stories are concerned. It shot at old style animation but don’t let that fool you. It actually is some sort of cultural Trojan horse for all the different social political and philosophical struggles embroiling the American, and by extension, Western European identity.

The great thing about the Horse on the Balcony is that it dispenses with all of that. It just says that kind of stuff belongs in the classroom. That kind of stuff belongs on the floor of congress or parliament. In other words, keep political things political and keep kid’s stuff kid’s stuff. This is very refreshing thinking because ever since the 1960’s, people have been slapped with the contention that the personal is political. Ever since the rise of feminists, animal rights, gay rights, civil rights and other movements involving identity politics, we have been told again and again that the personal is political.

This has really reached a very ridiculous logical extreme in the form of the movie Frozen. This is why we are so happy to have this movie about The Horse on the Balcony because it at least enables us to have a point of differentiation. We at least have something to compare our modern agonizing over deep weighty political issues as presented in cultural products like kid’s movies.

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